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✨Angel Concerts 2017✨

MAY 25 MÄNTYHARJU, Taidekeskus Salmela
JUN 15 ESPOO, Private Home
JUN 18 OULU, Villa Valo
JUN 28 KUUSANKOSKI, Voimavintti
JUN 05 KUORTANE, Ruismäen tupa
JUL 20 LAUKAA, Puustellin työkylä
JUL 28 LAITILA, Vähäflikan kesäkahvila
AUG 04 LIPERI, Private Home
AUG 05 HÄMEENLINNA, Ateljé Villipuro
AUG 11 ORIVESI, Tunteiden Yö
AUG 12 PORI, Hyvinvointikeskus Feeniks
AUG 18 LAHTI, Studio Rauha
AUG 26 VOIKKAA, Private Home
SEP 09 HELSINKI, Private Home
SEP 10 TAMPERE, Planetaario
SEP 30 OULU, Ilon Valkeat
OCT 01 OULU, Villa Valo, SACRED UNION ~ Music, lecture&meditation
OCT 13 HELSINKI, Hautomo, Teemu Syrjälä Book Launching
Kirsi in a guest writer interview at 01.30pm

✨Angel Goddess Evenings&Retreats 2017-2018✨

JAN 18 HELSINKI, Fullbooked
JAN 18 PASILA, Fullbooked
JAN 25 PORVOO, Fullbooked
FEB 03 HYVINKÄÄ, Fullbooked
FEB 05 KURIKKA, Fullbooked
FEB 18 KARJALOHJA, Fullbooked
FEB 19 HELSINKI, Fullbooked
FEB 22 ESPOO, Fullbooked
FEB 26 HÄMEENLINNA, Fullbooked
MAR 03 KÄRKÖLÄ, Fullbooked
MAR 08 HELSINKI, Fullbooked
MAR 12 KUORTANE, Fullbooked
MAR 18 TOIJALA, Fullbooked
MAR 19 VOIKKAA, Fullbooked
MAR 24 KUUSANKOSKI, Fullbooked
MAR 30 TAMPERE, Fullbooked
APR 02 VAASA, Fullbooked
APR 05 TURKU, Fullbooked
APR 06 SALO, Fullbooked
APR 28-30 KOLI, Fullbooked
MAY 05 KARKKILA, Fullbooked
MAY 13 OULU, Fullbooked
MAY 14 OULU, Fullbooked
MAY 17 HEINÄVESI, Fullbooked
MAY 18 JOENSUU, Fullbooked
MAY 24 ESPOO, Fullbooked
MAY 26 JYVÄSKYLÄ, Fullbooked
MAY 27 TIKKAKOSKI, Fullbooked
MAY 31 HELSINKI, Fullbooked
JUN 03 HOLLOLA, Fullbooked
JUN 10 KOUVOLA, Fullbooked
JUN 12 NUMMELA, Fullbooked
JUN 13 ORIVESI, Fullbooked
JUN 19 OULU, Fullbooked
JUL 21 JYVÄSKYLÄ, Fullbooked
SEP 06 TURENKI, Fullbooked
SEP 13 KERAVA, Fullbooked
OCT 06 ORIMATTILA, Fullbooked
OCT 10 HELSINKI, Fullbooked
OCT 14 AKAA, Fullbooked
OCT 18 NURMO, Fullbooked
OCT 19 VAASA, Fullbooked
OCT 20 VAASA, Fullbooked
OCT 27 PORI, Fullbooked
OCT 28 MARTTILA, Fullbooked
NOV 05 HAMINA, Fullbooked
NOV 07 STOCKHOLM, Fullbooked
NOV 08 STOCKHOLM, Fullbooked
NOV 11 PORI, Fullbooked
NOV 16 TURKU, Fullbooked
NOV 22 KÄRKÖLÄ, Fullbooked
NOV 23 TAMPERE, Fullbooked
NOV 28 LANNEVESI, Fullbooked
NOV 29 HANKASALMI, Fullbooked
DEC 10 KARKKILA, Registration:
DEC 12 IISALMI, Fullbooked
DEC 13 KUOPIO, Fullbooked
DEC 14 JOENSUU, Fullbooked
DEC 15 SAVONLINNA, Fullbooked
JAN 12 JALASJÄRVI, Fullbooked
JAN 13 JYVÄSKYLÄ, Fullbooked
JAN 14 JYVÄSKYLÄ, Fullbooked
JAN 19-21 NURMES, SENSUAL WOMAN Angel Goddess Retreat, More info in my Deepthi Blog
+ More to come...


5.30pm Doors open
6.00pm -9.00pm Angel Goddess Evening

More info in Finnish here!



"I've read both of your books and they have helped me to look at my life through brighter eyes. About a year ago I heard your music for the first time during the Ilon Valkeat event. The sensitivity and power you brought to all of our lives was just incredibly amazing. The listeners were crying and everyone experienced your music in their own unique way. For me the angels brought so much empathy by just looking at the weeping people. It was so purifying and I felt humble in front of my life, in the presence of angels."

"I'm so grateful for your book "Pehmeä kuin kukka, kova kuin timantti" (Soft As a Flower, Hard as Diamond). It was fascinating, deep and touching. I also attended your Angel Concert and Angel Evening in Oulu. Your concert was truly amazing, your voice and songs have a healing power, and I felt chills going through my body the entire time while you were singing and I couldn't stop crying. I've felt myself so empowered after your concert."

"When I held your book in my hands I felt a powerful wave of energy running through me. I've been going through the same kinds of themes in my life that you wrote about in your book. How to be sensitive and powerful at the same time? How to grow in my own power and to my highest potential as a human? How to be a sexual woman with this new consciousness? You write about all these topics with such clarity and inspiration. You gave me so much support in my own journey. I'm particularly touched by your honesty and humbleness, and your trust even in the midst of the darkest times of your life. You give me so much light and power. Like your previous book, your newest book also made me laugh and cry so many times, and realize so many things. I really wish that this book - filled with such a high energy and important topics - will reach as many women and men as possible."

"Your writing is like a breath of life. It is like a dance, filled with the right amount of energy, light, joy, ease and abundance of life."

"You know, yesterday when I was driving to work, I suddenly realized the meaning of the name of your book "Ole se valo joka olet" (Be The Light You Are). I mean just yesterday, even though I already read your book last summer! And suddenly I really felt like I also have that light inside of me and I don't need to hide it anymore. I don't need to push myself down, but to feel that I too am a good person, as well."

"You are a human angel! You have a deep understanding about life and spirituality, and also an amazing gift to share knowledge, and to lead people to their own paths with honesty and love. You have a rare light surrounding you."

✨Be The Light You Are✨

Be The Light You Are is a core of all of my life and mission here on Earth.
I've dedicated my life to be of service for this humanity, world and planet
through healing voice&music, writing and teaching.
I'm in service to help to raise the heart consciousness, and to empower,
uplift and inspire people to awaken their true inner light and love.

Especially I feel a deep calling to bring women together,
and help them to claim their own inner sacredness and feminine power
through compassionate presence, guidance and love.
It is my prayer that the Feminine Way will be honoured and awakened
in this time and age for the benefit of all and our Planet.

May Your life be Blessed with Miracles, Joy, Harmony, Love and Light!

With Love,


For me there’s no separation between life and music.
They are one.