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"Valoa" song is Deepthi's first single release from her upcoming "Valoa" album.

A word "Valoa" is Finnish and it means "Light" in English.

Valoa song has its roots in the Finnish folklore culture. It is not only about the ancient wisdom and shamanic culture of the North, but also it is about the element and presence of Light. It was said in the ancient traditions that Light comes from the North. This was believed to be true, because the polarity of the seasons and the dark winters outside created a nation willing to survive and strive with a strong inner Light.

The Finnish language can be witnessed as a nurturing lair or as a primal call of the soul, respectively inviting the listener into their own inner world. It does not need to be understood as a spoken language, rather to be felt or experienced as a voice for harmony and communion.

The music of Deepthi is the natural continuity of her work in female empowerment; she has worked and supported women to find the true strength and inner wisdom through spiritual gatherings and retreats. Her music is the extension of over 10 years of work in the cultivation and the rise of female empowerment. Deepthi’s music is especially dedicated for women, so they are able to come together in rooted confidence and impact the environment in a positive way, with a deeper connection to Divine, themselves, each other and nature.

"My passion as a songstress is to create sacred, healing and meditative space

where everyone are invited to connect with the Divine within

through music, silence and compassionate love.

I am also a writer, a teacher, and a creator&facilitator of empowering

events, retreats and programs on sacred femininity, angelic realms and meditation.

My heart mission is to help people to live in love aligned with the divine light."

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"About a year ago I heard your music for the first time during the Ilon Valkeat event. The sensitivity and power you brought to all of our lives was just incredibly amazing. The listeners were crying and everyone experienced your music in their own unique way. For me the angels brought so much empathy by just looking at the weeping people. It was so purifying and I felt humble in front of my life, in the presence of angels."

"I attended your Angel Concert and Angel Evening in Oulu. Your concert was truly amazing, your voice and songs have a healing power, and I felt chills going through my body the entire time while you were singing and I couldn't stop crying. I've felt myself so empowered after your concert."

"You are a human angel! You have a deep understanding about life and spirituality, and also an amazing gift to share knowledge, and to lead people to their own paths with honesty and love. You have a rare light surrounding you."

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